From the main town/ Chora of Tinos to the villages of the island and then to the beaches, the island of Tinos has so many things to offer which will afford  a genuine holiday experience of Cyclades and the Aegean Sea.

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The main attraction of Tinos is the Cathedral church dedicated to the Annunciation of Virgin Mary. The icon found in Tinos is considered miraculous and thousands of pilgrims arrive in Tinos every year.

In Chora of Tinos you can also visit the Archaeological Museum,  the Gallery owned by the Hellenic sanctuary of the Virgin Mary and the Foundation of Tinian culture which hosts temporary exhibitions. Very close to Chora and in Kionia area there is the archaeological site of the sanctuary of Apollo and Aphrodite.

In Chora can someone enjoy a coffee, a drink, a meal or diner as there are many places for all tastes during day and night.

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The island of Tinos has 45 villages and each one features its own unique characteristics.

Among the villages that you have to visit at least once is Kardiani of lush vegetation and natural springs. Situated very close to Stonehouse villas with amazing view to Aegean sea and impressive architecture will take your breath away.

You can also visit Isternia village built mostly by marble and with beautiful view,  heading to Pyrgos, the largest village of all,  where you can admire the long tradition in architecture and marble art and to enhance your knowledge in both museums, Giannoulis Halepas’ museum – devoted to the most famous marble sculptor – and the Marble art museum, ending up to Panormos a small fishermen’s village and the second port of Tinos with traditional fish taverns.

In the heart of Tinos and in Tarabados village you will admire the unique, elaborately built, dove cotes which adorn the surrounding area. In Kampos village which is close to beautiful village Smardakito you can visit the modern museum of Tsoklis.

Do not miss visiting the Museum of Ursulins school in the medieval village of Loutra and in short distance you will meet Skalados, the small village of Krokos, the abandoned and enigmatic village Monastiria, the fruitful villages  of Komi and Kalloni as well as  Aetofolia up on the hill.

To the north side of the island you will explore the lunar landscape with the granite rocks which surround Volax, a village with long tradition in basketry art and further up you will meet the beautiful Steni which is close to Falatados village where the vineyards are.

Triantaros, Dio Choria (Two Villages) and Arnados are on the east side while  on the foothills of Mount Exobourgo, lies one of the oldest villages of the island, Tripotamos of great architectural interest. On the way to Chora you can see the traditional and very picturesque village of Ktikados which has spectacular view of Kionia.



In the fertile soil of Tinos some unique products grow, whereas the traditional gastronomy of Tinos proposes some delicious recipes. Do not miss to taste the local artichoke, the sun dried tomatoes, the variety of cheeses, the local louza, thym honey, the various vegetables and fruits, where the fresh fish from the Aegean Sea and the meat from local farmers make any dish delicious. Also try the raki and the wine of the Tinian grapes.



In front of the Stonehouse Villa you will find the sandy beach of Kalivia and Agios Petros beach at the back side of the house while Ormos Giannaki is a very close pebble beach with two taverns by the sea.

Near Chora there is Agios Fokas, the biggest beach in Tinos as well as Kionia both of which are fully organized with beach bars, taverns and café. Close to Chora there are also the beaches of Agios Sostis and Saint John Porto.

Pachia Ammos is located in the east part of the island which name means thick sand and that is exactly what its name suggests, on this side you can also visit the tranquil Lichnaftia while heading north you can swim in the amazing Santa Margarita or in Livada with its impressive wild landscape.

Do not miss to visit the popular beach of Kolibithra which except of swimming is ideal for surfing since there is also a surf school there.

In the south side we find the beaches of Agios Romanos and Isternia while on north west part there are the gorgeous beaches of Mali and Koumelas situated in the villages of the same names where the green marble quarries are.




The island of Tinos is a paradise for hikers. The routes are well designated and this is an activity that you should not miss for any reason. This is the best way to discover the villages of Tinos, its nature and seashores. Whether you are an experienced or an amateur hiker you will find plenty of paths to follow. Imagine walking next to the unique Dove Cotes of Tinos, taking photos next to picturesque small churches and drinking water from natural springs. Hiking in Tinos is among the best experiences you can indulge into.


Find the path to your inner serenity, your tranquility and the well being.

Spend some quality time  for yourself and enjoy a sense of harmony for personal balance and self knowledge


Every summer, from May to September Tinos Festival takes place on the island. The interesting program of the festival includes movies, theatrical shows, concerts and other interesting events that you can enjoy all over the island. The people of Stonehouse Villa will provide all the information for the Festival.




 Tinos Island is in a privileged location, almost in the heart of the Aegean Sea meaning that you will have the opportunity to visit more islands, should you choose to leave the comfort and tranquillity of Stonehouse Villa. Dilos with the unique archaeological site, the beautiful Andros, the cosmopolitan Mykonos, the picturesque Ermoupolis, the capital of Cyclades in Syros are all close and ideal for one day visits!